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About Me

I am a graduate of Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. I've got a passion for games stemming from a life of play. I not only have the dedication and motivation to dive deep into what makes a game good, but I also can offer insight on teamwork and leadership through my time with the military. When not working on a project, I like to be social and meet new people; I try to be everyone’s friend in some way. My goal is to one day to work for a game studio to help makes games that impact people. I'd like to give others an experience they in turn want to share with other people. My favorite genres include Indie games, RPGs, and Story-Driven games. Some favorite games of his include SOMA, Cave Story, and Battleblock Theater.

Cellphone: (214) 549-6828


Discord: Jordan (Sprityo)#0001

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