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About Me


Even from a young age, I'd love to doodle and make sketches of potential games and scenarios. I love playing games and enjoying media of all types, especially something new that I haven't experienced before. I've been a musician, a soldier, and artist, and now I'm a game designer! It's amazing that after all this time I'm able to do what I love as a profession.

Currently I'm a graduate student at SMU Guildhall pursuing a Certificate in Digital Game Development in Level Design. At Guildhall we are put to the test with working on both personal and team projects throughout the two year course. Through the level design course, we play with and learn how to use multiple different tools and engines. Most importantly everyone in the cohort participate in simulating a professional industry work environment.

After finishing my four year contract with the U.S. Army, I enrolled at Full Sail University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design thereafter. It was a great starting point for me having never taken the chance to learn about how to make games before. I learned a lot of in regards to the basic tools and popular engines used in development.


I'm a big nerd at heart in many ways and adore both tabletop and indie games. Cavestory is my all time favorite indie game and I think of it as my ultimate inspiration. Dungeons & Dragons is always a great time and when I can find time for a one-shot or I always try to attend. Some other games I play frequently include League of Legends, Baldur's Gate 3, and Total War Warhammer 3. Above all else though, I enjoy getting to spend time with my family and friends. Either indoors or out and about, community is a big part of how I enjoy life.

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