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The Genesis Project



Developer: Perfectly Generic Team

Engine: Unity

Development: 06/25/2016 - Ongoing


  • Lead Narrative Designer in charge of the writing department.

    • Participate in and assign tasks for writing team members.


  • Currently working on the implementation of a proper, in-game tutorial with the programming team.

  • Lead creation of Class/Aspect combination Abilities (144 in total).

    • Created Balancing Spreadsheet with help of programming head to track balancing of abilities.

The Genesis Project is an isometric RPG with house/tower building mechanics that aims to replicate SBURB, the universe creating game, as seen in the webcomic Homestuck. Create your character, fight your parental guardian, and end the world before building up and creating a new one!

The game is still in the very early stages of development and is developed entirely through volunteer work.


Some of the game's more current features include:

  • Randomly generated dungeons and planets

  • In-depth character customization

  • Player-to-player ability interaction

  • Hundreds of weapon variants

  • 12-person multiplayer

Game Description




Showcase: Ability Balancing Sheet

Design Goals: Create a way to track all values of abilities in game based on player level.


We had already created an spreadsheet containing all 144 abilities in written form and the programmers had gone ahead and implemented all of them. Also, certain classes used unique formulas when calculating the value of the skill relative to a player's stats. There was not an easy way to view all of this information all at once, let alone balance it. 


At the time, I didn't have a very good grasp on Unity or how the project had been organized prior to my arrival on the team, and I wanted to be able to contribute something useful and meaningful.


When free time did become available I would work with the head programmer and record all the values into a spreadsheet and make note of what stats were changed along with color coding for easy reading. Any additional notes such as knockback distance or range of an effect were also commented on the cell itself.


There is still of course room for improvement such as going back and reorganizing it differently. Now anyone is able to use this and see the value of abilities for an individual player. More so, programmers now have a tool that they can directly reference without having to go into the game to see values, or alternatively when testing we can make sure that the abilities are balanced the way we want them to be.

Player Stats and Weapon input


Snippet of Spreadsheet


Color Key:

  • Green > Improves stat

  • Red > Lowers Stat (not seen)

  • Orange > Improves and Lowers stat

  • White > No stat change (See Descriptions)

  • Maroon > Special formula in comment/Listed elsewhere

  • Purple > Flagged for potential reworking/scaling

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