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Other Projects


ADVENTURE Project is a team Level Design project completed during my junior year at Full Sail. My team, Team Emerald, worked over the course of a month to combine our respective levels and the placeholder levels to great one large seamless level. Assets used are all free assets supplied by the instructor or Unreal store. 

Full Video: Here

Download - ADVENTURE

Swarms of Rigel

Swarms Of Rigel is the top-down shooter game made by Team Raptor during our time at Full Sail. There are 3 waves in the game, with each introducing new enemies. 

The linked documentation goes over some changes and additions we made during the second and final week of development and testing. It also includes all team members and citations for the music used for this project.

This video has no preview due to direct upload. It contains copyrighted music which Youtube blocks The title screen will read "Raptor (But Better)" since that was our working title during the final build. 

Download - Swarms of Rigel


Documentation for Swarms of Rigel


Swirling Sands

A board game for two where players navigate a rotating game board to reach the treasure and return to their starting positions with it. (Print off)

The restrictions when creating were no more than one page of rules and up to 4 different token types.

Download - Swirling Sands 

The Players


The Treasure

totem-head (1).png
Swirling Sands Mapv1.2 (7).png
Swirling Sands Mapv1.2 (3).png
Swirling Sands Mapv1.2 (6).png
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